2021 Edina School Board Candidate Forum

This page hosts a recording of the Edina School Board Candidate Forum from October 1, 2021 – hosted by the South Cornelia Neighborhood Association.

The six candidates who joined us were Dan Arom, Erica Allenberg, Karen Gabler, Michael Birdman, Nicole Schnell, and Owen Michaelson.

All questions about the content of what the candidates said should be directed to the candidates themselves. Any questions about the recording or the South Cornelia Neighborhood Association can be emailed to team@southcornelia.org.

Enjoy this insightful and often surprising conversation!

The Questions

Here are the questions we asked during the forum:

  1. What’s the current status of kids’ reduced learning during the COVID-19 distance learning period, and what can be done to address the issue?
  2. How will you support teachers facilitating age-appropriate conversations around controversial topics like the impact of race and racism on our world?
  3. What is and isn’t the School Board’s role in curriculum selection or adoption? For example, the choice of textbooks or curriculum used in special education for struggling readers.
  4. What sources do you or will you consult when making decisions about public health in the schools, and why?
  5. What are one or two focus areas that motivate you to serve on the School Board?
  6. What are one or two areas where our school district excels, and how do you think we came to be so good at them?
  7. Other school districts with income gaps between schools pool all PTO funds raised across the district and allocate them for greater equity across schools. How might a pooled PTO funds distribution approach lead to better or worse outcomes?

Ready to Get Involved for a Future Event?

You can contact us at team@southcornelia.org or call Joel Zaslofsky directly at 612-240-2601. The quick survey below is also a great way to start a path towards giving and receiving with the wonderful folks of South Cornelia.

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