The 2023 South Cornelia Halloween Experience

There’s a lot happenin’ in and around South Cornelia on October 29 from 3-5 pm. Maybe you want trick-or-treating, dazzling house and yard decorations, and to see some nifty carved pumpkins?

The Overview

South Cornelia Trick-or-Treaters

Whether you’re a candy-craving child, pumpkin-carving enthusiast, exterior decoration admirer, or just enjoy a self-paced parade, we have something in store for you on October 29 from 3-5 p.m. all around South Cornelia (and parts of Lake Cornelia, too).

You’re welcome to combine the Halloween Parade with traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating after dark or just do the conventional trick-or-treating thing. It’s up to you because the SCNA Halloween Parade does not replace Halloween trick-or-treating on October 31.


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The Marvelous Map of Festivities

On our map, you can toggle on and off just the experiences you want while the action is live on October 29 from 3-5 p.m. By default, the map below shows just the spots with treats because, let’s be honest, that’s what most people (a.k.a. kids) on the parade route are after.

Some of the home décor and carved pumpkins will be around before or after Halloween Day, but the treats are only available from 3-5 p.m.


Map Legend

  • Blue bottle and apple = treats available
  • Brown painter’s palette = home/yard decorations
  • Orange pumpkin = carved pumpkins

Here’s a direct link to the map if you want to see it outside this website.

Pro tip: Select the layers icon in the top left of the map to toggle on or off the stops with treats, decorations, and/or carved pumpkins.

Suggested Parade Zones

We’d be grateful if you started in your home area and completed a zone of the overall parade route before moving on to another one. That will help us physically space out parade goers and also help keep clusters of kids from having to wait too long to scoop up some sweet treats.

We made some suggested zones and we’re happy to have you explore Spooky Street, Witches Way, Zombie Zone, and Dracula Drive at your own pace. 🙂

2021 SCNA Halloween Parade Suggested Zones

For Zombies, Witches, Ghosts, and Trick-or-Treaters

Is your costume prepped? Are you stoked to walk around and see some festive folks? And most importantly, are you ready to score some sweet treats?!

You get to explore a diverse, spooky route with a parent/guardian and have information on how to expand the fun if you finish early.

  • When: October 29 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Where: Around South Cornelia and the surrounding area
  • What to expect: Starting from your front door – or a friend’s house if you’re coming into South Cornelia from a surrounding area – you’ll walk a set route past people with candy, decorations, and/or enthusiastic cheers.

Special Notes:

  • While it can be tempting to collect many goodies from each stop, make sure you grab one treat from each stop (unless otherwise noted) so other Halloween creatures can also enjoy a treat.
  • To have the most fun and get the most treats, it’s important to listen to your Parade Guide (a.k.a. your parent/guardian) about staying safe.

For Parents and Accompanying Adults

We know you can help us all balance safety, fun, and curiosity! What do you need to know so you can guide a child and enjoy the festivities yourself?

  • When: October 29 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Where: Around South Cornelia and the surrounding area

You’re welcome to combine the Halloween Parade with traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating on October 31. The SCNA Halloween Parade does not replace conventional trick-or-treating.

Anticipated Questions and Attempted Answers

Where I do sign up to distribute treats or show off home decorations/carved pumpkins?

The sign up window has closed. You can always participate informally, too!

You don’t need to be on a Halloween map to offer up whatever you have in mind.

How can I be a good guide for the kids I'm responsible for?

Stay directly with the kids you’re in charge of to:

  • Ensure they take an appropriate number of treats.
  • Keep them following the right route.

Also, while the activities will happen during daylight hours, remember to be cautious of traffic that may not know about our festivities.

Does the Halloween Parade replace traditional trick-or-treating on October 31?

No way!

We started it in 2020 during a rough time in COVID’s history when some kids worried that Halloween would be “canceled.” Well, we figured out a way to have a COVID-friendly Halloween celebration and continued it because the people who participated just had so much dang fun!

However, there have been concerns that the Halloween Parade was ruining traditional trick-or-treating on October 31.

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it: the SCNA Halloween Parade does not replace Halloween trick-or-treating on October 31.

It’s a supplement to whatever you or your kiddos want to do to celebrate Halloween.

Yes, we realize that some parents prefer to have their kids just do one activity that scores them some sweet, sweet candy. We also realize that choosing the Halloween Parade might mean skipping trick-or-treating on October 31.

It’s a bummer for people who enjoy and expect some kids to ring their doorbell on Halloween. And you could argue the SCNA is the cause of that disappointment.

It’s impossible to know if the increased joy from the Halloween Parade offsets the increased frustration for people who don’t get trick-or-treaters. We do take such feelings seriously, though.

We do our best to communicate to folks around South Cornelia about our Halloween Parade plans. We’d be grateful if you could be a helper for your neighbors, especially those who might not get our communications in one way or another, and let them know about our plans.

How can I help spread the word about the event?

Despite a growing event and the growing reach of SCNA communications, there are many people in and around South Cornelia who have no idea that the Halloween Parade exists. You can help them know what to expect when you ask your neighbors if they know about the event.

If not, send them to this web page, print out a copy of our Halloween Parade flyer, or just give them the overview. Thanks in advance!

Is Sunrise of Edina really handing out candy?

They sure are! And the folks who live and work there would love to see you show up just inside their main front doors.

We finished our main parade route segment. Now what?

Go to another route segment if you can finish all or part of it by 5:00 p.m. You can frame it as “the bonus round” so, even if you have to end before your kids are ready, they got to experience more than expected. 😉

For Candy Distributors

Do you have goodies you want to get into eager kids’ hands? This event couldn’t happen without you!

(I mean, what’s a parade without candy, right?)

What to Expect

Some people are taking COVID-19 precautions, so keep that in mind. And be aware that we expect 250+ kids to parade in and around South Cornelia.

There’s no way to tell which kid will walk along which street. Plus, given how excited kids will be to have a local trick-or-treating option on a day other than Halloween Day – and the fact that we often have kids from surrounding neighborhoods come into the area to trick-or-treat – the number of kids who parade by your stop is unpredictable.

We’re not asking you to stay outside, monitor your candy inventory during the parade, or buy enough candy for all of Edina. It’s the responsibility of our Parade Guides (a.k.a. parents/guardians) to make sure kids take their fair share and no more. Unless you note otherwise at a specific stop, the default number of treats for each stop is one.

How can I offer up treats my curb, driveway, or yard?

Here are some creative ideas we’ve heard about or seen in the past. Feel free to riff on these or come up with something original!

  • Set a card table along your curb with candy spaced out on the table. Shared touch points like large bowls are generally not recommended.
  • Attach candy to popsicle sticks, sticking them in the ground at a safe distance from one another.
  • Create a low-hanging clothesline to pin candy up and string it out to the kids.
  • Easter Eggs with a glow stick inside spread at a safe distance in your yard for kids to grab.
  • Make a plastic/PVC pipe “candy shoot.”
What if my home doesn't fall along a parade route?

While we’d love everyone’s home to fall along a route, some folks may be outside one we carved up. If you have a home that doesn’t end up on a route and want to distribute candy, consider these two options:

  • Email Joel Zaslofsky or call/text him at 612-240-2601 to get matched up with someone to host you in their front yard.
  • Find a person you know on the main map above who’s also distributing treats and contact them directly to partner up.

Home Décor and Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkin All Lit Up

There are some spooky spots, classy corners, and just plain weird places to explore around South Cornelia before (and maybe after) October 29. How about a digital map (coming soon) to aid your in-person exploration of our neat neighborhood’s decorations and carved pumpkins?


Map Legend

  • Brown painter’s palette = home/yard decorations
  • Orange pumpkin = carved pumpkins

Here’s a direct link to the map if you want to see it outside this website.

Pro tip: Select the layers icon in the top left of the map to toggle on or off the stops with decorations and/or carved pumpkins.

Ready to Get Involved for a Future Event?

You can contact us at or call Joel Zaslofsky directly at 612-240-2601. The quick survey below is also a great way to start a path towards giving and receiving with the wonderful folks of South Cornelia.

Page Image Credits: Łukasz Nieścioruk and Conner Baker
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